June 3rd, 2017 at 10:49 PM CDT

I have over 5,000 photos and FULL recordings of the cosplay contest, date auction and VOCAMERICA concert.


I spent a lot of time with my good friend, Sketchy Drew, in our make-shift photo booth which was located under the escalators on the first floor. If you stopped by there at any point, I may just have a picture of you!


Due to stuff happening in the past, I am NOT accepting friend requests from random people anymore. If you know me or we have talked, you can add me, but it is recommended that you message me before doing so to jog my memory or your request may be ignored.



1. Nothing may be reposted without permission - Ask first, it's the right thing to do. NO reposting of any kind allowed to personal profiles on here. If you are in a photo and would like to share it with your friends, TAG yourself in it, that way it will show up for you and your friends where they can like and comment on it, while the photo stays tied to my account. Reposting in other places (such as your cosplay page, blog, etc. IS allowed, but ASK first. In exchange for permission, I will ask that you "LIKE" all photos you wish to repost. You like them enough to want to repost them, so why not LIKE them on my album first. Makes sense right? Also, this should go without saying, but ALWAYS credit me where ever you post it, by linking my name and Facebook profile.

2. Do NOT edit or crop out watermarks - This is stealing and disrespectful. This is a great way for us to not be friends, and worse, I tend to block people who do this. If you would like an alternate version to use, please ASK me - I have the original photos and can do custom crop if you need one. If using a photo as your profile photo, choose "SKIP CROPPING" and save the entire photo as your profile picture. You will still be able to select the thumbnail part that is displayed, but the entire photo will be saved. Also, watermarks help identify me as the photographer if the image happens to find its way elsewhere on the 'net.

3. TAG people you know!! - This is a great way to put names to great cosplayers, and it will allow them and their friends to see it too. Also, please be respectful, and tag only people you know, and do not randomly tag random things.

4. LIKE and COMMENT! - This kind of feedback gives me the drive to share great photos and stuff with you all. I REALLY REALLY DON'T MIND waking up to hundreds of notifications! I know people HATE getting notifications, but not me, I LOVE them! So please, like and comment!

5. Full size photos - I can provide a couple of photos at full size, with a watermark in the corner upon request. The requirements for this is you must be friends with me on here, and you must be in the photo. No non-watermarked photos will be provided for free. Do not ask me to send you a zip file with an entire album's worth of photos.

6. Friend me on here!! (if you know me) - Most of the stuff I have is friends-only. I have thousands and thousands of photos from past local anime conventions and events. Besides, making new friends is always a good thing, right?? Making new friends is fun!

7. If you have questions, please ASK - My INBOX is open, so don't be hesitant to send me a message with a question or compliment! DO NOT leave questions in comments; I might not see 'em.


Photo Albums

Friday (752 photos)
Saturday (750 photos)
Sunday (370 photos)

Cosplay Contest (700 photos)
VOCAMERICA   2 (~1900 photos)



Masquerade Cosplay Contest (Full Video) (58 min)
Date Auction (Full Video) (1 hr 19 min)
VOCAMERICA Concert (Full Video) (58 min)
Love Live Dance Party (32 min)

As always, please be sure to check out the policies and rules before using anything. If in doubt, ASK please. DO NOT leave questions in the comments of photos, cuz I probably won't see 'em!